Aqua Massage

If you are experiencing chronic pain, tension, anxiety, stress, insomnia or muscle spasm issues, you may be able to benefit from aqua massage therapy. Aqua Massage provides healing and wellness benefits, both on its own and in conjunction with the spinal adjustments and other healing techniques offered by our staff at Ashton Rehabilitation Clinic conveniently located in downtown Silver Spring, MD.

Aqua Message Therapy in Greater Silver Spring, District Of Columbia, and Virginia.

Aqua massage harnesses the power of water for you to experience a perfect harmony of mind and body, for a feeling of well-being and renewal. Our sophisticated dry water massage technology offers a relaxing & stimulating massage experience to target the lower back and and the same time provide gentle pressure in the neck region. For clients who desire more individual control over their experience, a handheld control enables the client to pause the massage jets on the desired location, increase or decrease the water pressure in any zone, and select any single or double direction effects of massage for optimum pain relief and/or relaxation.

Relaxing benefits of the Aqua Massage

The sound of water, the feeling of the jets pulsating over your body repeatedly, and the option of in-bed music during a treatment offer a complete full body, relaxing experience. Clients report feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed after a treatment.

Health benefits from Aqua Massage

Aqua Massage offers numerous health benefits such as reduced muscle tension and soreness, improved circulation, decreased muscle spasms, restful sleep, less pain, and better range of motion.


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