Chiropractic and Physical Therapy adjustments restore normal movement and alignment to the hand to reduce pain and restore mobility. Find hand pain treatment using chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture at Ashton Rehabilitation Clinic in Silver Spring, MD

Among the common causes for hand pain and numbness are damage, irritation or compression of the nerves in the arm and wrist. Another possible cause could be diseases that affect the surrounding nerves. Diabetes is one of them and it can cause numbness in the hands but oftentimes, numbness occurs first at the feet before it gets to the hands.

Hand pain causes:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

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There is pressure on a median nerve in the wrist and symptoms include numbness, tingling, weakness or pain of the hand and fingers.

De Quervain’s disease

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This occurs in the hand and wrist as a result of the swelling of the tendons and their covering on the thumb side of the wrist.

Tendon pain

A sign that one has tendinosis, tendon pain is a series of micro-tears in the tissue or around the tendon. The tendon injury causes pain, tenderness, decreased strength and limited movement in the affected area.

Repetitive motion syndrome

The hands, fingers and wrists experience pain, swelling or tenderness when one repeats the same movement over and over.

Trigger finger/thumb

There is a thickening or swelling of the flexor tendon and its covering in a finger or thumb.

Writer’s cramps

This is what writers and typists have to be careful of. When there is too much movement due to the nature of this job or task, they might develop writer’s cramps due to repetition of the movement.

Ganglion cysts

When you feel bumps on your hands and wrists you might have these cysts filled with clear, jellylike fluid. They are not limited to hands and wrists though, as they can also develop on other parts of the body such as knees, shoulders or ankles.

Dupuytren’s disease

There is an irregular thickening of tissue beneath the skin in the hands and sometimes, on the soles of the feet. When they develop, they may hinder unlimited movement because they deform the fingers making them bend and hard to straighten.

Hand Pain Treatments:

The numbness, pain or tingling of hands, wrists or fingers may be reduced or treated by the following depending on its severity:

Self-care/home treatment

Avoid activities that cause the problem. Sometimes, there might be a need to wear wrist splint.

Physical therapy

These are activities such as stretching, ultrasound, exercises and the like to improve and repair hand motion.


Doctors may prescribe medicines to relieve the pain and reduce inflammation. Others with carpal tunnel may have to take some oral corticosteroids or injections.


If the problem is severe, there is a need for a surgery. Cases like this include a long-time carpal tunnel syndrome, or nerve damage.

Chiropractic Care

The chiropractic doctors Ashton rehabilitation Clinic are trained to treat hand, and foot  pain and healthcare management. 

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